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What is SOAAP?

For the past twenty-five years, The Society of African American Professionals (SOAAP) has been organized to provide counsel, advice and support for the advancement of African American Professionals.


Our Mission

To actively promote and advocate for the equitable and sustained participation & development of African Americans as senior level managers and executives (emerging leaders).

Our Vision

The Society of African American Professionals is organized to provide counsel, professional development and support for the advancement of African American professionals within the Boys & Girls Clubs movement and beyond.


Our Future Focus

To build a framework with the capacity to increase membership and support African American professionals. Our goal is to create a strategic professional blueprint that will drive change for people of color in every stage of their professional careers.

SOAAP takes an active role in leveraging Boys & Girls Clubs national and regional events and platforms to promote the mission and purpose of the Society by:

  • Hosting events at the Boys & Girls Club national conference

  • Featuring keynote speakers at the national conference

  • Hosting receptions and/or sessions at regional conferences

  • Conducting local, regional and national workshops and trainings on issues relevant to Club professionals 

  • Encouraging individuals to engage in BGCA initiatives and opportunities for professional and career development


  • Hosting national virtual opportunities


"There is no passion to be found in playing small - in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living."

Nelson Mandela


African American Professionals have a storied history of contributions to the Boys & Girls Club Movement. Through a national and regional network, SOAAP enables its members to receive informed support from peers and discuss key issues in an open, constructive environment. Recruitment, retention and upward mobility are at the top of SOAAP’s agenda.

Part Time Professional

$25 / annually

Full Time Professional

$50 / annually

Executive / Management

$100 / annually

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